Our Team of well-experienced & qualified experts uses variant methods to develop attractive animations for clients.
We provide world-class 2D animation and 3D animation services in India. Some of our key services are:


Enhanced visualizations Makers quote on an adaptable bid premise subsequent to looking into the recording and references laying out the extent of work. Good guesses from a disconnected or definite portrayal are additionally conceivable. Our information wranglers can pull down film from creation FTP or we can set up a protected Aspera and FTP account on our end. The scale and extent of any undertaking can here and there appear to be overwhelming, however we will direct you through it and figure out any difficulties, together. We meet your cutoff times, financial plans, and necessities to create unmistakable business results. We have finished more than 100 ventures with our predictable conveyance of pixel wonderful advanced symbolism.


At Eyecatch multimedia for Digital Imaging & Remastering we useCintel Scanner to Restore old, degraded and damaged motion-picture films (black/white and color) utilizingCintel scanner. Photography and motion pictures play a vital role in our modern life as document, memory, information carrier, artistic medium etc, a photographic material represents an important artistic value. We find methods to recreate damaged Movie films and to safeguard in a digital form for long term storage.


We are also expertise in Mastering Music for Film and Video, this process of preparing musical recordings for distribution through visual media like movies, television shows, and video blog posts. Mastering Music for Film and Video will vary based on the type of visual media being created, and the means of distribution.


Creating immersive and appealing gaming animation with the highest level of expertise. Get best animation services and take your gaming experience to the new statures. Our Team of well-experienced & qualified experts uses variant methods to Develop attractive and appealing animations for clients. We provide below animation services

Detailed Character Research

Full Design and Conceptualization

Professional Corporate 2D and 3D animation

Artistic Gaming / Cartoon Animation


Well-designed storyboards help cinematographers, directors, etc., clearly visualize the scenes before filming, spot potential problems, and resolve those before the shooting commences. However, finding skilled storyboarding experts to do it in-house can be daunting, apart from the fact that it would take up a lot of time and efforts.

Partnering with us, can provide you access to quality storyboard illustration and film services at affordable prices. Whether you have a detailed storyboard, a simple script, or no concept at all, our professionals can bring your storyboards to life and help in planning your video project sequentially.


Eye catch is one of the dominant provider of 3D animation development services across the globe, serve with high-quality 3D animation services at the most affordable rates. Using cutting-edge technology, Eye catch synergistic and the highly skilled team provides animation that are definitely to leave an intense effect on your audience.


Live Action Special Effects, Digitally Rendered Environments, Digital Set Extension, Crowd Multiplication, Mobile & Monitor Screen Composite, Digitally Created Snow, Compositing by Blending Different Visual Effects together.


2D Tracking, 3D Camera Tracking, Object Tracking, Rotomation.


VFX Roto, Conversion Roto, Blue / Green Keying, Stereo Dual Plate Roto.


Wire / Rig Removal, Make Up, Reflection Removal, Recreating Missing Objects.