We are a versatile group of Technical generalists with strengths as an FX Artist. Comfortable taking a shot from start to finish, concept through to final output. We as a team always try to make the impossible and make believe the visuals to give a reality look also we have an aptitude for the more technical parts of cg. Our team is adept at troubleshooting, especially Maya/pipeline issues with an eye to learn new software easily.


Compositing 2D and 3D elements

CG Multi-Pass Compositing

Clean Plates

Prep / Paint / Roto

3D Projection

Compositing 2.5 and Relight

Build clean and efficient scripts

Stereocomp conversion

Gizmo development

Math and Expressions applied in the VFX field

Deep Compositing

Tracking 2D and 3D


Professional experiences with programming languages

Competence with all operative systems (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) 3D & VFX GENERALIST

Modeling and Texturing (Autodesk Maya and Blender)

Basic FX in Maya and Houdini

Rigging: experience with rig and compiling plugins

Lighting and Rendering (experience with Arnold and RenderMan)

Editing and Grading (Adobe Premiere Pro, Nuke Studio)